Larsson Mastering is the home of engineer Jens Larsson.
Driven by a huge passion for music and sonic excellence, we try to create the ultimate listening experience for every music lover.

Our goal is to always make your music sound as good as it possibly can, and on any medium that  you want it to release on.
Therefore we make no compromises and we’ll always strive to perfection.

We have a big love for indie music and artists and therefore we offer them very attractive rates. Contact us here to get your special offer.

A satisfied client means a satisfied mastering engineer.

At Larsson Mastering we master for major labels, smaller labels, independent artists/producers, … not only based in Belgium but also worldwide.

We make no difference in genre, we love music.

Our services include:

  • Mastering for CD
  • Mastering for Vinyl
  • Mastering to make your music shine on streaming platforms like Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music,…
  • Creation of sequences, DDP fileset creation, adding metadata to your files/disc, audio editing (denoising, declicking,…) and much more.

If you want us to do STEM mastering, we can. But keep in mind that, if something has to undergo this specific type of mastering, it’s always better to go one step back to the mixing stage and fix problems there with the producer and engineer or whoever was in charge of the creative process. 

Name it, we master it!

To lift your music to the next, higher level, we need some high quality tools.

We carefully select our gear and are always looking to improve/innovate. Below you can find a list of the tools we work with.


Dunlavy SCIII, 3-way reference monitors or high resolution monitors powered by Custom Class D mono block amps.
A set of good ears.

Conversion and console.

Crookwood monitor DAC
Cranesong Hedd 192
Crookwood M4 mastering console with optional Trimmers and M/S processing.

Analog processing

Knif Soma eq
Knif Eksa eq
TK-Lizer eq
Maselec MLA-2 compressor
API 2500 compressor
TC Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor
Pair of Dave Hill Titan compressors

Digital processing

Izotope RX


SperwerBabelNoweaverCannaerts & Van CutsemHerbert VerhaegheDoloress Danny De Roover Lunacoustic The Delta Drones Divan Hermitage Drawn Into Descent Homer Titan Michael Heaven 3 Way Stereo Sons Vito Styrofoam Juicy Willem Ardui Marble Sounds Psycho 44 D’expediteurs Aster Renascent Slow Crush Loud Love De Delvers Traveler Crows Gouts Leisure Suit Harry Senne De Kort Bolt Ruin Johan Kalifa Filthy Vince Ruth Patroness The Doghouse Cadillacs Edouardo Gabriel Juneau Astodan Jan Cannaerts Generation 84 Monomo Skemer Musth Grimmsons Circle Laura Lynn Huracan Rune (The Voice van Vlaanderen) Eveline Cannoot Episphere Face The Fax The Brutu Guru (Brutus & The Guru Guru) Psychonaut We’rewolves Jade (The Voice Kids) Black Narcissus Suncreek Tien Ton Vuist Wolvennest Taz Von Stone Matthijs Vanstaen (The Voice) Amongster The Pink Lemons Bosum The,Devilles Frank Galan Baumoon

Labels & producers

Universal Music

Dunk! Records

Frank Rotthier

Peter Keereman


Sony BMG


Stijn Debontridder

Bob Demarsin

Funtime Records

Et!ket Records

Dave Elli

Bob Briessinck


To reduce the risk of problems or mistakes during the mastering process, I kindly advise you to read these tips & tricks first:

  • Always deliver the mixes in the format and sample rate you recorded them in. (eg: wav, 24 bit, 48KHz)
  • Conversion to any other format is done here.
  • Make sure there’s still enough headroom on the mixes.
  • Mixbus compression can be really cool giving you that specific sound and dynamics in the songs that you want but only if it’s done right.
  • Communicate in advance with me about which masters you need (vinyl, digital, …)
  • Handle me the exact tracklisting, album title, ISRC codes, labelcopy etc in advance.
  • Name all your files properly so that no mistakes can be made or that mix revisions can be switched.
  • Feel free to include any reference track(s)
  • Always feel free to ask me any questions

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